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Those loved ones who have passed forever from our midst have left us a heritage of tender, mind-filling memories.


Some of us have lost our beloved parents who gave us the gift of life, watched over us, nursed us, guided us, and sacrificed for us. They carefully paved the way for our role in the arena of life. They are forever bound to us by undying love and the teachings and traditions they sought to impart to us.


Some of us lovingly call to mind a departed husband or wife with whom we were truly united, in all our hopes and pains, in our failures and achievements, in our joys and sorrows. These affectionate bonds remain forever unbroken.


Some of us have lost brothers and sisters, who grew up together with us, sharing in the play of childhood, in the youthful adventure of discovering life’s possibilities, bound to us by a heritage of family tradition and by years of comradeship and love.


Some of us have lost children, entrusted to our care all too briefly, taken from us before completion of their years of fulfillment, to whom we gave loving care and from whom we received a trust that enriched our lives.


All of us have lost beloved relatives and friends whose affection and devotion enhanced our lives and whose visible presence will never return to cheer, encourage, or support us.


Through commissioning the recitation of kaddish on behalf of departed parents, spouses, children, relatives and friends, we are sustained and comforted by the goodness that these loved ones brought into our lives and our continuing connection to their enduring memories. 


Through commissioning the recitation of kaddish, we perpetuate the tender affection and devotion that characterized their love and companionship; the devotion, joys and comforts they brought into our lives.


Through commissioning the recitation of kaddish, we seek to avoid the tragedy of loss; to attempt to fill our lives with noble purpose and worthwhile achievement. Commissioning the recitation of Kaddish allows us to continue to seek the things that death can never take from us; faith, love, kindness and the richness of memory.

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